Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Week In Sugar Hill History- "The Great Dobro Sessions" (1994)

On July 15th, 1994, Sugar Hill Records released the album, The Great Dobro Sessions: The Gathering of Resophonic Pickers. The album, noted as one of the most important gatherings of dobro players in the world, featured some of the most influential dobro plays in history, including Oswald Kirby, Josh Graves, Gene Wooten, Jerry Douglas, Mike Aldridge, Stacy Phillips, Curtis Birch, Sally Van Meter, Rob Ickes, and Tut Taylor. The album, produced by Jerry Douglas and Tut Taylor, was praised by legendary guitarist and songwriter, John Fogerty, saying “Dobro… Mysterious… Soulful… Sometimes it sounds like a barefoot boy going down the dirt road to the fishin’ hole. Other times it’s that impossibly beautiful woman that you can never have. In the right hands, as you will hear, it just doesn’t get any better.” With tracks like “Fireball Mail” featuring all of the players together and the classic Beatles tune, “Day Tripper” which gets the bluegrass treatment from none other than the late Gene Wooten himself, this album will have you stompin’ your boot the whole way through.

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