Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday Bill Monroe

In honor of the 100th birthday of the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, we thought we'd share this tribute album that we released back in 1996. Produced by bassist extraordinaire Todd Phillips, it features a who's who of bluegrass and acoustic music performing in unique collaborations, all songs by Bill Monroe.

It features dozens of the most prominent and influential bluegrass musicians of our time, including Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, Del McCoury, John Hartford, Chris Thile, and Peter Rowan.

Please share and enjoy, in the memory of the musical innovator, cultivator, and father figure of bluegrass music.

Various Artists - True Life Blues - The Songs of Bill Monroe

  1. Molly and Tenbrooks - Alan O'Bryant, Craig Smith, Stuart Duncan, Mike Compton, David Grier, Todd Phillips
  2. True Life Blues - Laurie Lewis, Kathy Kallick, Mike Marshall, Tony Trischka, Todd Phillips
  3. I'm on My Way to the Old Home - Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Vassar Clements, Craig Smith, Todd Phillips
  4. Highway of Sorrow - Tim O'Brien, Scott Nygaard, Stuart Duncan, Todd Phillips
  5. Old Ebenezer Scrooge - David Grier, Todd Phillips
  6. Memories of You - Alan O'Bryant, Pat Enright, Stuart Duncan, Mike Compton, Todd Phillips
  7. Rawhide - Ronnie McCoury, David Grier, Stuart Duncan, Craig Smith, Todd Phillips
  8. Can't You Hear Me Callin' - Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Vassar Clements, Jerry Douglas, Craig Smith, Todd Phillips
  9. Letter from My Darling - Peter Rowan, Greg Garing, Bobby Hicks, Todd Phillips
  10. Sitting Alone in the Moonlight - Tim O'Brien, Mollie O'Brien, Ronnie McCoury, Richard Greene, Todd Phillips
  11. Big Mon - Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas
  12. Get Down on Your Knees and Pray - Alan O'Bryant, Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Roland White
  13. Used to Be - Kathy Kallick, Laurie Lewis, Jim Nunally, John Reischman, Tony Trischka, Todd Phillips
  14. Scotland - Vassar Clements, Richard Greene, Chris Thile, Scott Nygaard, Todd Phillips
  15. Travelin' This Lonesome Road - Peter Rowan, David Grisman, Herb Pedersen, Vassar Clements, Todd Phillips
  16. Heavy Traffic Ahead - Pat Enright, Vassar Clements, Jerry Douglas, Ronnie McCoury, Todd Phillips
  17. Little Cabin Home on the Hill - John Hartford, Ronnie McCoury, Mike Compton, Todd Phillips

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