Friday, August 5, 2011

Elements of a Bluegrass song

After looking back each week at a different Sugar Hill album. The high council of bluegrass has been able to construct a graph depicting the four main elements of a bluegrass song. This graph is a toll that should be used to help determine if an artist, suspected of being bluegrass, qualifies or not. At least one song on each album should include a part of the elements of a bluegrass song. Lonesome could include missing a loved one such as Momma, or their dear girl. Death could be figurative, although a more accurate designation would be a person killed by the singer like in "Banks of the Ohio". Trains are trains and there is no leniency on that issue. G runs are a must, but as any bluegrass musician knows G runs come in all shapes and sizes which is why they comprise such a large percentage. As long as they are included, the song and artist are permitted to be labeled Bluegrass pending they fit the qualifications for elements of a bluegrass wardrobe, instrument, and lifestyle. Below is a short selection of Sugar Hill songs that we feel represent some of these elements. 

Elements of a Bluegrass Song by Sugar Hill Records

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