Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Week in Sugar Hill History - Red Knuckles and The Trailblazers

22 years ago Sugar Hill released the wonderful Western Swing album “Shades of The Past” by Red Knuckles and The Trailblazers, a comedic alter ego of the group Hot Rize.
Musicians have always had an attraction to creating an alter ego that allows them to break loose from the image that has branded them to a certain style of music. Yet many times this proves unsuccessful. Remember Chris Gaines? Well sometime between Ziggy Stardust and Hannah Montana, right after Prince’s Camille the classic bluegrass group Hot Rize created Red Knuckle and The Trailblazers, a funny western swing quartet that played as good as the rest of them. Like most alter egos they utilized a distinct wardrobe change with western shirts, cowboy hats, and dark sunglasses. But alter ego aside, Red Knuckles and The Trailblazers can really play. Wonderful steel guitar licks and electric solos the boys of Hot Rize are truly able to sound like a completely new band. A good selection for any western swing fan, they provide great musicality with a fun, free willed spirit and a few laughs along the way. Listen below for a limited time.
Buy mp3 album here.

Red Knuckles and The Trailblazers - Shades of the Past

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